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Volunteer Fire Department

The Volunteer Fire Department of the City of Southside Place was organized in 1935. All Southside men and women are welcome to join this organization. Refreshments and good fellowship follow each Monday night meeting. Each quarter a supper is served at the fire station and , annually, a dinner is held honoring the members.

Southside Place Fire Department


The Southside Place Fire Department is comprised of 36 volunteer firefighters and was established 70 years ago in 1935.  The fire department meets every Monday night at 7:30 at the fire station.  Dinner meetings are held approximately every six weeks.  Residents are encouraged to attend meetings and are welcome to join the department.  No prior experience is required.  All equipment and training is provided by the city.  Your level of involvement is completely up to you.  If you do not feel comfortable with the prospect of fighting fires, there is still plenty to do.  We always need volunteers to drive the truck, operate the pump, and help with budgeting, purchasing, and administration.  Volunteering with the Fire Department is not only a very honorable way to serve the community, it is also a lot of fun.


Membership Experience and Training


The fire department has 36 members, of which 8 are certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).  The fire department also has 8 members who have completed the Smoke Diver Training School, which is the most rigorous and advanced search and rescue training in the country.  Basic fire suppression training is done by the fire department staff and various live fire training schools are offered throughout the year, including weekend classes at the Texas A&M Fire School which is considered the best facility in the world.  Basic emergency medical training is offered for EMT certification.  The officers of the fire department are listed below:


Michael Pack- Chief/EMT-B

Chief Pack has almost 50 years in the fire service, previously serving as the Chief of the Houston Volunteer Fire Department, an Assistant Chief at the Ellington Field Fire Department in the US Air Force, and with several other volunteer fire departments. He is the Treasurer of the Houston Fire Museum and has served the SPFD since the mid-'90's


Steve Cassias- Asst. Chief


Champ Warren - Asst. Chief/Training Officer

Chief Warren has served the SPFD for almost 10 years. He is involved a city councilman and was a key player in securing the new fire engine. He is also a Smoke Diver.


Michael Weber- Asst. Chief/Fire Marshal/NREMT-B

Chief Weber has served the department for almost seven years and is now also the city's Fire Marshal. He is an instructor on the Warehouse Project at the Harris County fire school and a fire fighter in the Houston Fire Department assigned to Station 16. He is also a fire safety clown and a Smoke Diver.


Tom McDonald - Captain/Safety Officer/EMT

Capt. McDonald is the most senior captain in the SPFD and also serves as a Captain in the Houston Fire Department on Engine 82. His articles and photographs have appeared in Firehouse magazine, the most popular fire service trade journal in the country. Capt. McDonald also wrote the official history book of the Houston Fire Department.


Charles Evans- Captain

Captain Evans has been with the SPFD for almost 10 years and also serves as a city councilman.


Randy Kampf- Captain/Certification Coordinator


Bill Perlmutter- Asst. Chief/Maintenance Officer/Licensed Paramedic

Capt. Perlmutter has served the department for eight years and is in charge of keeping the trucks and equipment in service and in good shape. He is also a paramedic and the oldest graduate in the history of the Smoke Divers program.  Captain Perlmutter is out First Responder Coordinator.


Randy Pauly- Lieutenant/Public Information Officer/NREMT-B

Lt. Pauly has served the department for over six years and heads up all media relations as the Public Information Officer. He is a fire safety clown and also works for the Houston Fire Department assigned to Station 48. Lt. Pauly is an instructor in the elite Smoke Divers program and is a hazardous materials technician.


Ulisses Serrano- Lieutenant/Equipment Officer

Lt. Serrano has been with he department for five years and is currently in charge of issuing and caring for personal protective equipment and communications gear. He is also an instructor for the Smoke Divers program.


Patrick Mahoney- Captain/Training Officer/NREMT-1





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